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in a january would



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Lonely Christopher and Venn Daniel are hosting the fall 2020 season of the Segue Reading Series. Every Saturday at 5pm (ET) on Zoom. Click HERE for more information and HERE for the Meeting ID. 10/03: Duriel E. Harris & Michael Gottlieb; 10/10: Zack Haber & Jubi Arriola-Headley; 10:17: Jamie Stewart & Ted Rees; 10/24: Douglas A. Martin & Dazié Grego- Sykes; 10/31:  Derek McCormack & Sasha Banks; 11/7: Joyelle McSweeney & Kimberly Alidio; 11/14: Trisha Low & Alisha Mascarenhas; 11/21: Yanyi & Richard Loranger; 11/28: Jennifer Nelson & Evan Kennedy. 

Unfortunately, the book tour for In a January Would has been prevented by the coronavirus pandemic. Readings were scheduled for Manhattan, Rochester, Philadelphia, Berkeley, Oakland, and Los Angeles.  All events have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely due to the ongoing public health crisis.


The Internet

Livestream Event


Crush Reading Series 18.6

w/ Moncho Alvarado, Jimena Lucero, Gala Mukomolova, and Tiana Reid

The Internet

Limited Streaming Engagement


MOM: a film by Lonely Christopher

w/ Joseph Huffman, Gore Abrams, Paul Lazar, Janet Hubert, Michael Potts, and Mink Stole

The Internet

Livestream Event


Segue Virtual Reading Series (sponsored by Artists Space)

w/ zakia henderson-brown

The Internet

Livestream Event


Imminent Readings v2

w/ Jessica Guzman and Candice Wuehle

Torn Page

New York City


Launch Party for In a January Would

w/ Paul Legault and Ana Božičević

Bowery Poetry Club

New York City


Boog City 17th Annual Small Press Event

w/ Erin Fleming, Katy Mongeau, Christy Davids, Roberta Allen, Corey Frost, Cori Kresge, Tyler Morse, Evelyn Reilly, Rebecca Teich, and musical guest Jason Trachtenburg 


Powerhouse Arena



Evergreen Review Issue Launch

w/ Frederic Tuten and Natascha Uhlmann; hosted by Dale Peck

The LGBT Community Center

New York City


Come Hear! LGBTQ Poetry Reading at the Rainbow Book Fair

w/ Davidson Garrett, Jee Leong Koh, Scott Hightower, R. Erica Doyle, Aimee Herman, Steven Cordova, Drew Pisarra, LeNair Xavier, Dean Kostos, William Leo Coakley, et al

Bureau of General Services—Queer Division

New York City


World Pride Stonewall 50 Poetry Extravaganza

w/ Adam Fitzgerald, Aimee Herman, Christina Quintana, Dante Micheaux, Don Yorty, Guillermo Felice Castro, Michael Montlack, Sarah Sala, Stephen Motika, et al

Pete's Candy Store



Pete's Big Salmon Poetry Series (Pride Month Edition)

w/ Adam Fitzgerald, Christina Quintana, Don Yorty, Grey Vild, Jason Schneiderman, Jeffery Berg, Michael Montlack, Sarah Sala, Stephen Mills, Thomas Dooley, and William Leo Coakley

Dixon Place

New York City


Endymion Dreams the Moon: a play by Lonely Christopher

w/ Tony Torn and Stephen Ira


New York City


Double Take Reading Series

w/ Rich Blint, Heather Chaplin, and Jibade-Khalil Huffman

Rizzoli Bookstore
New York City


Independent Bookstore Day Celebration

w/ Ayesha Raees, Claire Durand-Gasselin, Najmah53, and Dakota Smith

Barney Savage Gallery
New York City
Mediated Selves
w/ Chris Campanioni, J. Mae Barizo, and Jee Leong Koh

Book Culture

New York City


w/ Shiv Kotecha

Codex Books

New York City


w/ Jennifer Soong

Zinc Bar

New York City


Segue Reading Series

w/ Chia-Lun Chang

The Poetry Project

New York City


Wednesday Night Reading Series

w/ Rachel Levitsky

Sam’s Morning Glory Diner



Frank O’Hara’s Last Lover Reading Series

Launch for The Resignation

w/ June Gehringer and Emma Brown Sanders

La MaMa Galleria
New York City


Experiments Play Reading Series
Voyages: a play by Lonely Christopher
w/ Gore Abrams as Hart Crane

More Info

Zinc Bar

New York City


Segue Reading Series

Launch for The Resignation

w/ John Istona and Penny Arcade

House of Kava



An Evening with Michael Lally & Lonely Christopher

Anthology Film Archives

New York City


AltFest 2018 and the NewFilmmakers Series

MOM: a film by Lonely Christopher

Brooklyn Historical Society



Walt Whitman Turns 199: a Brooklyn Celebration

w/ Elizabeth Nunez and Nicole Mitchell

Bureau of General Services—Queer Division

New York City


Spring Thing!

w/ Wo Chan, Rami Karim, and Emji Spero

Unnameable Books



The Writers’ Collective of Kristiania Public Conspectus 2018

w/ James Hannaham, Stephanie Russell-Kraft, Meg Kaizu, Sarah Bibel, and Uche Nduka 


Club Cumming

New York City


The Enclave Reading Series 

w/ Tommy Pico and Max Steele

Philly AIDS Thrift at Giovanni’s Room



Double book launch for THERE and The Atheist in the Attic

w/ Samuel R. Delany

The Poetry Project

New York City


The 43rd Annual New Year’s Day Marathon Benefit Reading

w/ Penny Arcade, Venn Daniel, Anselm Berrigan, Justin Vivian Bond, Marie Buck, Todd Colby, CAConrad, Joey de Jesus, Andrew Durbin, Dia Felix, John Giorno, Adjua Gargi Nzinga Greaves, Diana Hamilton, M. Lamar, Shelley Marlow, Jonas Mekas, Thurston Moore, Tracie Morris, Eileen Myles, Trace Peterson, Tommy Pico, Yvonne Rainer, Sarah Schulman, Sara Jane Stoner, Aldrin Valdez, Anne Waldman, et al


New York City


Launch for the novel THERE

w/ Cammisa Buerhaus, Robert Fitterman, and Joseph Keckler




Lonely Christopher: I am a queer writer of poetry, fiction, and drama who lives in Brooklyn. My work is strongly influenced by modernism, post-structuralism, Language poetry, New Narrative, and queer theory. My themes are often dark and sordid, presenting anti-capitalist explorations of emotional conflict. Poet and critic Felix Bernstein has classified me as a member of the queer avant garde. I work in Harlem as a medical case manager for homeless youth.

2007: My first chapbook, Satan, was published by Small Anchor Press. I co-founded the Institutionalized Theater while a creative writing undergraduate student at Pratt. I helped form the Corresponding Society, a writer’s community and press, which published poetry chapbooks and a journal. We also hosted a well-loved literary salon in my Brooklyn apartment. 


2008: I attempted an ambitious staging of the bad quarto of Hamlet that became such a disaster it was cancelled. I worked as Mac Wellman’s assistant on a production of a one-man play starring Paul Lazar.


2009: I won the Pratt Institute creative writing program’s Thesis Award for Fiction, for my novel THERE


2010: My play Endymion Dreams the Moon premiered at the Jalopy Theater. I booked my first featured reading at the Poetry Project.


2011: Dennis Cooper published my debut story collection, The Mechanics of Homosexual Intercourse, under his Little House on the Bowery imprint of Brooklyn’s Akashic Books. I went on two national promotional tours. I became involved with the queer literati of New York City and spent time in the company of the poets Andrew Durbin, Paul Legault, Cecilia Corrigan, and Ryan Doyle May (whom I dated), among others. I was receiving mentorship from writers such as Edmund White and Kevin Killian. I was a member of the Queer Caucus of Occupy Wall Street during the encampment at Zuccotti Park. My mother was diagnosed with late stage cancer and passed away. I started writing and publishing the Death & Disaster Series.


2012: I wrote and directed the feature film MOM starring Joe Huffman, Gore Abrams, Mink Stole, Michael Potts, Paul Lazar, and Janet Hubert. The production was troubled and it took years to finish. I lived with the writer Marie Calloway and became good friends with the author Samuel R. Delany.

2013: I worked on the sales floor of Barnes and Noble's flagship store at Union Square. I became homeless for six months following a calamitous month is Paris. During this time I wrote a poetry collection titled In a January WouldI started working as a counselor at an agency for LGBT youth. I was invited to spend the night inside MoMA PS1 with a group of artists who filmed a pornographic fantasia, including a scene of me jacking off in a shower, which was then exhibited to museum guests the following day.


2014: My debut poetry collection, Death & Disaster Series, was published. The short films We Are Not Here and Petit Lait were based off my stories. A Russian filmmaker adapted one of my stories without asking permission or giving me credit. I hosted a panel event called The Queer Gaze, at which I met the poet Venn Daniel.

2015: My chapbook Crush Dream was translated into Spanish and I went on a tour with the poet Jacob Steinberg that included readings in LA and Tijuana as well as visits to Palm Springs and Disneyland. 

2016: Venn Daniel and I moved in together and we adopted a dog named Lucille Ball. I brought Endymion Dreams the Moon to Toronto (with Matt Landry) and San Francisco (with Kevin Killian). My work with queer youth developed into a position as a case manager at a Harlem drop-in center for homeless LGBTQIAGNC populations. I discovered a special interest in HIV/AIDS services and activism. Through this work I developed a personal praxis committed to sex positivity, social justice, and anti-racism. I created the curriculum for an undergraduate level media studies group called “Somebody Blew Up America: investigating the poetics of dissent,” which I facilitated with my clients for thirteen sessions. My poetry was anthologized by Charles Bernstein and Tracie Morris in Best American Experimental Writing and translated into Ukrainian for a primer on new American verse. I began work on a long project about the poet Hart Crane.

2017: My first novel, THERE, was released to zero critical attention and a minor controversy among the fanfiction community who resented an interview I gave for Lit Hub that mistakenly implied the genre was not "academic." 


2018: The director’s cut of MOM premiered as part of the NewFilmmakers Series and AltFest at Anthology Film Archives. Roof Books published my poetry collection The Resignation. My play about Hart Crane, Voyages, was presented at La MaMa Galleria as part of the Experiments Play Reading Series.

2019: My play Endymion Dreams the Moon was revived at Dixon Place, starring Tony Torn and Stephen Ira. Venn Daniel and I married. We hosted the winter season of the Segue Reading Series at Zinc Bar, curating such luminaries as Sarah Schulman, Samuel R. Delany, and Cynthia Carr, as well as younger writers. Following the death of Kevin Killian, the Evergreen Review hired me to write a long-form career retrospective for him titled "Kevin Killian: I Can Explain Everything."

2020: Roof Books published my poetry collection In a January Would. I had to cancel my entire promotional tour because of the pandemic. The final iteration of my film MOM was completed and released by surprise on Mother's Day, streaming free for a week on Vimeo. It was then added to the catalog of the international arthouse streaming platform Filmatique. Venn Daniel and I hosted the fall season of the Segue Reading Series (on Zoom). I founded Inter Poets Theater, a community organization to promote performance-based work by poets. Our premiere play was The Rapture by James Sherry and Mark Wallace, presented on Zoom.







Full length

In a January Would

     Poetry, Roof Books, 2020

The Resignation

     Poetry, Roof Books, 2018



     Novel, Kristiania, 2017


Death & Disaster Series

     Poetry, Monk Books, 2014


The Mechanics of Homosexual Intercourse

     Stories, Akashic Books, 2011




Double Rainbow

     Poetry, Be About It Press, forthcoming

Tu casa en llamas

     Poetry in Spanish translation by Dante III, Kodama Cartonera, 2015

Crush Dream

     Poetry, Radioactive Moat Press, 2012

Poems in June

     Poetry, The Corresponding Society, 2011

Wow, Where Do You Come from, Upside-Down Land?

     Poetry, The Corresponding Society, 2009

Gay Plays (US Edition)

     Plays, Small Anchor Press, 2009

Gay Plays (Bilingual Edition, China)

     Plays, translated by Xinyao Huang & Julia Chang, Small Anchor Press, 2009


     Poetry, Small Anchor Press, 2007

Archival copies of Lonely Christopher's chapbooks are in the collection of Poets House in New York City


Print Anthologies


Anthology of Young US Poetry (Ukraine), Best American Experimental Writing 2016, Brooklyn Poets Anthology, Divining Divas: 100 Gay Men on Their Muses, Future Perfect, Into, Satanica, The Sonnets: Translating and Rewriting Shakespeare, Wealth


Print Journals


Correspondence, Fence, The Lifted Brow, Supermachine, The White Review





     Dramatic feature length, original screenplay and direction, Cavazos Films, 2013-2019


Crazy House

     Dramatic short, directed by Aaron Mirkin, original screenplay, independent, 2015


Petit Lait

     Dramatic short, directed by Francois Choquet, adapted from the short story “Milk,” La Banquise Films, 2013


We Are Not Here

     Dramatic short, directed by Aaron Mirkin, adapted from the short story “The Relationship,” independent, 2013




Directed by Lonely Christopher unless otherwise noted

Endymion Dreams the Moon

     Dixon Place, New York City, independent, 2019

     Alley Cat Gallery, San Francisco, independent, 2016

     Videofag, Toronto, independent, 2016

     Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn, independent, 2011

     Jalopy Theater, Brooklyn, Institutionalized Theater, 2010


     La Mama Galleria, New York City, dir. Alexandra Zelman-Doring, Throes Theater, 2018


Pages from a Course in General Linguistics

     Bar on A, New York City, dir. Teddy Nicholas, Everywhere Theater Group, 2010


Gay Plays

     The Bookworm, ChengDu, China, dir. Jen Hyde, independent, 2009

     The Bowery Poetry Club, New York City, Institutionalized Theater, 2008


I Am Happy

     Sellers Bookstore, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, independent, 2009



     The Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, adapted from a letter by Francis E. Dec, Institutionalized Theater, 2008


Thoughts on the Atomic Bomb

     The Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, adapted from a text by Gertrude Stein, Institutionalized Theater, 2008


     The Bowery Poetry Club, New York City, Institutionalized Theater, 2007

As Producer

The Rapture by James Sherry and Mark Wallace, Zoom, Inter Poets Theater, 2020




Articles & Reviews

Filmatique, "Indie Memoir," essay on making the film MOM, July 2020

Evergreen Review, "Kevin Killian: I Can Explain Everything" IV. Ghost Parade, April 2020,

Evergreen Review, "Kevin Killian: I Can Explain Everything" III. Phantom of the Opera, March 2020

Lit Hub, "How Kevin Killian Used Italian Horror Movies to Understand the AIDS Crisis," February 2020

The Poetry Project Newsletter #259, "Don Yorty's Spring Sonnets, review by Lonely Christopher," January 2020

Evergreen Review, "Kevin Killian: I Can Explain Everything" II. Chain of Fools, January 2020

Evergreen Review, "Kevin Killian: I Can Explain Everything" I. Bachelors Get Lonely, October 2019

     career retrospective on author Kevin Killian in four parts

Haus Red Vol. 2, "The Splendor and Misery of Bodies, of Cities: Place and Samuel R. Delany,"

     academic essay on Times Square Red, Times Square Blue by Samuel R. Delany, Fall 2019

The Fanzine, “In a Mirror Maze,” review of The Well-Dressed Wound by Derek McCormack, December 2015

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TheThe, “Some Sort of Truth,” review of Black Life by Dorothea Lasky, April 2010

The Corresponding Society, “The Ambiguities,” review of Pierre by Herman Melville, 2009




Before You Kneels My Silence by Jacob Steinberg

The Story of My Accident Is Ours by Rachel Levitsky

Boneyard by Stephen Beachy




Selected Venues


Adobe Books, Anthology Film Archives, Apexart, Barnes & Noble, Barney Savage Gallery, Bennington College, Book Culture, Book Soup, Books Inc., Bowery Poetry Club, BRIC House, Brooklyn Historical Society, Brooklyn Public Library, Bureau of General Services—Queer Division, Cake Shop, California College of the Arts, Charles Bank Gallery, City Lights, Club Cumming, Codex Books, Cornelia Street Café, CUNY Graduate Center, Dixon Place, Eugene Lang College at the New School, Fort Greene Park, Giovanni’s Room, Harvard University, House of Yes, Josée Bienvenu Gallery, Kelly Writers House at the University of Pennsylvania, KGB Bar, Louisiana State University, McCarren Pool, La MaMa Galleria, Moe’s Books, MoMA PS1, Nomadic Press, Omi International Arts Center, Pete’s Candy Store, Powell’s, Poetry Project, PPOW Gallery, Pratt Institute, Rizzoli Bookstore, San Francisco Public Library, Small Press Distribution, St Mark's Bookshop, Tijuana Cultural Center, University of San Francisco, Unnameable Books, Webster Hall, Zinc Bar


Selected Co-Readers


Penny Arcade, Christian Bök, Ana Božičević, Anselm Berrigan, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Billy Cancel, Wo Chan, CAConrad, Samuel R. Delany, Andrew Durbin, Kate Durbin, Ben Fama, Robert Fitterman, Adam Fitzgerald, Robert Glück, Michael Gottlieb, James Hannaham, Christian Hawkey, Jibade-Khalil Huffman, Patricia Spears Jones, Saeed Jones, Rami Karim, Joseph Keckler, Kevin Killian, Wayne Koestenbaum, Jee Leong Koh, Shiv Kotecha, Dorothea Lasky, Paul Legault, Rachel Levitsky, Richard Loranger, Trisha Low, Dante Micheaux, Stephen Motika, Uche Nduka, Elizabeth Nunez, Trace Peterson, Tommy Pico, Ariana Reines, Emji Spero, Bianca Stone, Jennifer Tamayo, Edmund White, Don Yorty, Rachel Zolf



The Poetry Project Newsletter, Levi Bentley reviews In a January Would, November 2020

Filmatique, "Who Is Mom?" by Tony Torn, July 2020

DC's, "Five Poetry Books I Read Recently & Loved" by Dennis Cooper, March 2020

LA Review of Books, "Walls Don't Work" by Quinn Roberts, March 2020

Hyperallergic, "A Poet's Symbolic Resignation" by Ben Tripp, February 2019

Lit Hub, DW Gibson interviews Lonely Christopher, "Beyond Fanfiction: Rewriting and Distorting The Shining," February 2018

The Fanzine, "We Are Not Here: An Interview with Aaron Mirkin," March 2015

Lambda Literary, Jameson Fitzpatrick reviews Death & Disaster Series, January 2015

The Volta, “In Review: Best Books of 2014” by Amy Lawless, December 2014

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Brooklyn Poets interview, October 2014

Boston Review, “Forget O’Hara” by Felix Bernstein, June 2014

Bookish, “10 Small Press Poetry Books You Have to Read in 2014” by Jordan Scott, April 2014

The Fanzine, Joyelle McSweeney reviews Death & Disaster Series, April 2014

Publishers Weekly reviews Death & Disaster Series, March 2014

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The Lawrentian, “Lonely Christopher’s ‘Mechanics’ a study of human nature” by Bryan Cebulski, February 2013

Next Magazine, “Lonely Christopher’s Poetry of Death” by Jameson Fitzpatrick, September 2012

The New York Times (online), “Bed-Stuy Writer to Film Movie in Fort Greene” by Wesley Middleton, April 2011

Publishers Weekly reviews The Mechanics of Homosexual Intercourse, February 2011

Vice interview, January 2011




Lonely Christopher’s audio archives are maintained online by PennSound, a project of the Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing at the University of Pennsylvania




Inter Poets Theater

     Theater company, founding artistic director, current member

Democratic Socialists of America

     Political group, current member

The Writers' Collective of Kristiania

     Writers’ collective and press, charter member, 2012-2018

The Wilde Boys

     Queer salon society, member, 2010-2012

The Corresponding Society

     Writers’ collective and press, co-founder, editor, 2005-2012

The Institutionalized Theater

     Theater company, co-founder, 2007-2010




Official Selection

Crazy House, dramatic short: HollyShorts Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2016; GAZE Film Festival, Dublin, 2016; Gimli Film Festival, Manitoba, 2016; Lago Film Festival, Italy, 2016; Palm Springs International Film Festival, 2016; Inside Out Film Festival, Toronto, 2016; Vancouver International Film Festival, 2015

A&E Short Filmmaker’s Award for Best Film

We Are Not Here, dramatic short, National Screen Institute, Canada, 2015


Best Experimental Film

We Are Not Here, dramatic short, Toronto International Short Film Festival, 2013


Official Selection

MOM, dramatic feature length film: Distrital Film Festival, Mexico City, 2012; NewFilmmakers Series and AltFest at Anthology Film Archives, New York City, 2018


Thesis Award for Fiction

THERE, novel, The Pratt Institute Creative Writing Department, Brooklyn, New York, 2009




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